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Here are the people I have paid a $500 assignment fee to:

Congratulations to this beautiful lady: Thanh Y. of Oklahoma City! Her mother was looking to downsize, and hoped Roz Buys Homes would be wiling to help! Within 48 hours, we were able to reach a win-win contract with her mother to buy her house as is, with no repairs. Thanh was very skeptical of Roz Buys Homes at first, but we made a believer out of her! She wrote one of our best reviews on Facebook after the closing once she received her $500 assignment fee! Thank you to Thanh Y. and her family for working with Roz Buys Homes!”

She did it again! Congrats to Mary H. of Norman, Ok who has earned two assignment fees from Roz Buys Homes since this year! Roz Buys Homes just purchased her parents condo on 8/12/2016!”

“Congrats to Jeremiah H. of Oklahoma City, OK. who just earned his first $500 assignment fee from Roz Buys Homes! We purchased his step fathers house on 8/12/2016 and closed in as little as two weeks!”

“Congratulations to this sweetheart, my best friend Mary H. of Norman! Her parents are getting up there in age, and decided to sell one of their investment properties! Mary gave her mom our phone number, and the rest is history! Roz Buys Homes met with Mary’s parents in person, and struck a win-win situation! Congrats to Mary and Estelle of Norman on their $500 assignment fee from “Roz Buys Homes!”

“Congrats x 2 to Nathan and Janette M. of OKC! Janette had a neighbor who had a house in really rough shape. She thought “Roz Buys Homes” could help, and gave her neighbor our phone number! Upon further investigation, we discovered that her neighbor had TWO houses to sell. But we didn’t just pay Nathan and Janette on ONE assignment fee, we paid them on TWO for a grand total of $1,000 since March! Wow, you guys are on a ROLL! Congrats to this happy couple! Not bad for just handing over our number to her neighbor, right?!”

“Congrats to Nathan & Janette M. of Oklahoma City who earned $500 referral for telling us about their neighbors fixer upper property for sale! Lucky For Nathan and Janette, she has two fixer uppers she is selling us – the second one is closing in April! That’s a total of $1,000 referral fees paid to Nathan and Janette! Congrats to this happy family!”

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