It’s been an exciting journey to grow and develop over the last decade in the Oklahoma City real estate investment industry, and Rose Wilkinson has enjoyed gaining the knowledge and insight that working in the field provides. While she has experience selling homes, her passion is investing and helping them reach their potential value, as well as helping those in the local community get out from under the heavy burden of debt that can accumulate when you own a fixer upper or a heavy mortgage. Here’s a little about where Rose came from and what makes her services the best investment you’ve made in a long time.

Where It All Began

Growing up an only child being raised by her grandmother, Rose developed an understanding of how to make a little of something go a long way. Her humble beginning led her to get a job as a real estate broker’s assistant, and she was hooked. She worked hard and continued her education in the real estate industry focusing strongly on investing. After helping others grow healthy businesses in real estate, she decided it was time to branch out on her own and start a company.

Gaining Experience and Perfecting the Process

As Rose continued buying homes in Oklahoma City, she refined her skills and started perfecting a process that gave her the edge on the competition. She always stays abreast of market trends and home values because she knows that it will give her more opportunities and success in her business, as well as provide sellers with the best outcome for their property. While her process is deeply developed and proven, she still looks for innovative ways to keep up with the changing and fast moving real estate industry.

Helping People Everyday

It’s important to Rose that she doesn’t just invest in homes, but she wants to be a solution for those trying to make the most of their property. People from all walks of life have property that they’re sitting on whether they don’t know the next steps to take or they aren’t sure if they have other options besides just letting the bills pile up. Situations such as Oklahoma real estate insurance lawsuits / bad faith, tenant problems, tax / city liens, divorce, inheritance and pre-foreclosure. Rose works with your budget and particular financial needs to ensure that the best solution is found for you. If you want to know more about Rose and her experience as a real estate investor, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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